2019 USATF Kentucky Youth Chair Message

I’m the New Youth Chair for the USATF-KY Association.  I would like to encourage each and every one of you to get involved and be active in our Association.  There are many ways of doing that, such as working meets that we sponsor and most of all by having your athletes particiate in the USATF – KY post season program.
I have always told athletes that when they go to different meets across the country that they will meet new friends, run against better competition than what they will see back home.  They also will get exposed to college coaches.  The benefits by far out way the time and effort!
Maybe you’re asking how can to get my athletes started.  There are many USATF Clubs in KY.  Clubs from Louisville to Ashland and from Northern KY to Paducah.  Go to USATF.com/youth/find a club.  You could also form a club and join USATF.  I would be glad to walk you through the process! 
So here are some Cross Country Meets this post season:
November 10, 2018 – USATF-KY Association, Masterson Station. Lexington, KY (Information attached)
November 17, 2018 – CCCYNC, Tom Sawyer Park, Louisville, KY (Information attached)
November 24, 2018 – Footlocker, Charlotte, NC
December 8, 2018 – USATF National Championship, Reno, NV
Bob Stacey
USATF – KY Youth Chair